I was born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland and fascinated by the human voice from earliest childhood on.

I had a flaming passion for many other instruments, especially the recorder, the piano, the Transverse flute and all kinds of percussion instruments with keys like xylophones and vibraphones. I tried out every instrument that I found at home. In our family very different styles of music were played as well as listened to: ranging from down-to-earth Swiss yodeling to Italian opera, German schlager to groovy Hard Rock.

To this day I am interested in varied fields and styles of music. My main instruments became the voice and the piano.

These are some of the most important stages so far:

  • Piano study at ZHDK with Verena Schaller-Pfenninger (teacher’s degree 1987, concert diploma 1991)
  • Education as an Integrative Voice Trainer IST with Romeo Alavi Kia (Integrative Voice Trainer since 2004)
  • Voice study at SAMP with Stefania Huonder (teacher’s degree 2008)
  • Certificate as a syng:TRAINER by Prof. Kenneth Posey, 2016

Since 1996 I’ve been teaching piano and voice at the local grammar school Kantonsschule am Burggraben. Additionally I offer private lessons and repetition for singers and instrumentalists in my own studio in St. Gallen.

I have been enjoying playing chamber music in varied formations (different duos and trios) for many years, see also Booking Ensemble for more details. I also perform as a pianist and singer in churches, in orchestra- and chamber music, for private events, weddings, funerals, concerts, theatre productions and recitals both in Switzerland and abroad. 

Would your fingers like to dance on the piano? How about setting your voice free? Or do you need music from me or one of my ensembles for your personal or business event? Just let me know.