I lead and organise seminars about singing, stage presence, improvisation and Instantaneous Transformation. You might be interested in this…

John Lehman (Hamburg, GER)

Voice lessons 2022 in St. Gallen 
Sun – Tues, Feb 20 – 22
For bookings / prices / conditions please contact me.

Living Made Easy (LME) with Ariel & Shya Kane (USA)

Online seminars on zoom 
Mondays / Tuesdays / Saturday afternoons
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Susanne Leitner (Austria) & Ursula Oelke (St. Gallen)

Next seminars  
SingVergnuegen South Tyrol 2022 – “The Stage Animal in me” and “Musical Creativity – Made Easy”, Tramin (South Tyrol, Italy), July 29 – Aug 7th, 2022.
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