Ursula Oelke – Singer and Singing Teacher

Singing has been my passion from earliest childhood on. I shed my very first musical tears at home while listening to my mother singing Mozart’s “The Violet“. The poor little flower died operatically – and my desire to become a singer was born!

Whatever drives you to singing marks our starting point. Together we’ll find your voice.

Since 2007 my collegue Susanne Leitner and I have been leading seminars on stage presence together. We held them with the title “The stage animal in me“  in Vienna (AUT) and St. Gallen (CH). A long summer seminar called “SingVergnuegen” (Fun with Singing) takes place in the beautiful Yspertal (Waldviertel near Vienna). They are for everybody who wants to be more present and self-expressive and would like to expand their boundaries in situations like presentations, auditions and stage performances.

In the seminar calendar you’ll find further voice seminars I organize for John Lehman (Germany) in St. Gallen. Let me know if you have questions.


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